What We Do

Refocus Events

Our culture is sinking into a greater depth of sin, numerous churches are declining, and many others are plateauing. Because of this, the local church must REFOCUS in several areas, in order to regain an effective presence within our communities, and around the world, for the gospel.

Our Refocus Events center around four major fundamentals of the faith: (1) Evangelism; (2) Discipleship; (3) Meeting Needs; (4) Missions. This Sunday morning through Wednesday evening event will highlight these areas for the church, along with reaching those outside with the gospel message.

Two Objectives: (1) We desire for every individual to REFOCUS on Christ in these four areas of their own spiritual walk; (2) We also desire to witness as many people as possible focus on Christ for the first time through biblical salvation.

Refocus DNOW

Our Refocus DNOW blends discipleship, which is the typical purpose for such an event, with evangelism, meeting needs, and missions. This Friday evening through Sunday morning event with your students will challenge them not only to study the Bible but to apply its content to their lives.

During this weekend, each student will have the opportunity to share the gospel with friends that they have been praying for in the weeks leading up to Refocus. In addition, each student will be paired up with someone to disciple them over the next three months following the weekend. Furthermore, each student will meet a specific need in his/her town. Lastly, each student will also have an opportunity to join our ministry for an overseas mission trip.

The best way to sum up this Refocus DNOW is: “Putting Faith Into Practice!”

Student Camps

The Lord saved Eric on his first trip to church camp when he was 14 years old. As you can imagine, church camp holds a special place in Eric’s heart. It is such a rewarding experience to be a part of teaching God’s Word to students so that they will also develop a love and passion for living a deeper life with Christ.

Mission Trips

The Eric Fuller Evangelistic Association, Inc. provides several opportunities for churches and individuals to get involved with overseas missions. Currently, we have trips available to Guatemala, Africa, and Israel. If you or your church are interested, please contact us for more information.

Goals: (1) We desire to see as many people as possible to come to know Christ on our mission trips; (2) We desire to see each new believer baptized and plugged into a local church; (3) We desire to be a source of encouragement to missionaries and/or native pastors; (4) We desire to see each of our team members implement what they learn on our trips into their local communities and churches back here in the states.

Church Opportunities

The Eric Fuller Evangelistic Association, Inc. also offers a three year partnership with local churches. If your church currently does not have a missions ministry and would like to begin to reach the world for Christ, please contact us for more information about our three year partnership. We will teach, train, conduct logistical work, provide a specific ministry location overseas, lead three trips for you, and more, until you are fully capable of being self-sufficient.