Dealing with the Tragedy

A midnight viewing of the newly released Batman film turned disastrous as a gunman murdered twelve individuals while injuring fifty-eight others in a heartless rage of anger. (These are the numbers as of this post.) You witnessed the pictures, interviews, and coverage that arrested your attention by the grief and despair upon Aurora, Colorado. An array of thoughts surged through your mind as you thanked God for your safety and prayed for the victims of this tragedy. The main question that always appears in such atrocities is why? Why did this happen? Why did God allow this twenty-four year old man to commit such a heinous act of violence towards innocent people?

Unfortunately, I cannot answer that question. In the book of Job, a man by the name of Job loses everything he possessed. (Job 1 & 2) Like us, Job sought God for an answer. The Lord, however, chose not to reveal the answer to Job. The close of the book fails to illuminate the reason for Job’s tragedy. Think with me for a moment. If God decided not to answer the “why” question for Job, He may not answer it for us today. Thus, my speculation, and suggested answers as to why this tragedy occurred in Aurora, would not be a benefit to you. Instead, it would be a greater benefit for us, as believers, to unite with this community and deal appropriately with situations like these. My attempt in writing this blog; therefore, centers on three specific ways in which we can partner alongside these victims and cope with this sinful act of devastation. Please know that many other acts can and should be implemented to restoring this community and handling such events.


Much of the time we carelessly utilize the phrase, “I will pray for you.” Do we? Life gets in the way and before we know it, we forgot to pray for those of whom we promised. In the midst of a community and nation mourning over the loss of lives, believers ought to genuinely pray for the (1) families who lost loved ones; (2) victims who were injured and their families; (3) law enforcement officers and paramedics involved; (4) doctors and nurses involved; (5) pastors, students ministers, and churches who will minister to this community; and even (6) the man responsible for this blood-shed. (Romans 8:26-27, Ephesians 6:18, I Timothy 2:1) Pray that many individuals will come to faith through Jesus Christ as a result of this tragic event. Pray that those who follow Jesus will deepen their walk with Him and utilize this situation to impact their community. Pray for the recovery of those who are still in the hospital. Finally, ask God to work in and through the survivors to remedy any mediocrity found in churches around the country.


Another aspect in handling this tragedy, and helping this community, would be to travel to Aurora, Colorado to aid in a specialized area. You could offer your counseling services as a certified counselor. You could offer your pastoral gift as a pastor. You could serve in a local church for a week to assist them in their endeavors to minister to the community. You could pray with victims, families, law enforcement, medical professionals, and church leaders as they begin the grieving process. Maybe you could travel to Aurora just as an act of encouragement like the gentlemen did by making the crosses for each victim. As believers, joining together to help ease the pain and disdain from a recent massacre could enrich and transform many individuals by this act of hospitality. You could help alleviate pain, discomfort, and grief by traveling to this community in such time of need. (I Thessalonians 5:11)

Monetary Gifts

In light of the circumstances, many families will be faced with a large amount of hospital bills. If these families are like most of us around America, which they are, this will be a setback for them. As you know, medical and pharmaceutical services can easily bankrupt those who experience an emergency, as one seen by the world earlier last Friday morning. Can you offer your financial support to these victims, families, and community? No matter how little or how much, your monetary support will enable a financial encouragement.

It is important to note that evil exists. We co-exist in a world that possesses evil people, evil acts, and evil places. As those who follow Jesus Christ, we are called to penetrate the darkness with light. (II Corinthians 4:6) We must band together in times like these to help others in need. Not only should we unite during times of tragedy but each day. Evil presents itself in many forms. Many choose to pray, attend church, and acknowledge God in times of desperation. Let’s seek Him out of desperation each day, despite our current circumstances. Refuse to allow Satan and the forces of hell to win in your life. Follow Him! Darkness cannot and will not prevail. Jesus is the answer in great times and in times of despair. Don’t forget Him in either one. The only way to beat the darkness is to be the light!

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