Complete Saturation

One of the best ways to accomplish something is to “GO ALL OUT.” Our first priority, as the church, needs to be to focus on sharing and leading others to Christ. Once or twice a year, lead your church to a complete saturation of the gospel among your people and in your community.

Have you ever attempted to learn a new language? Rosetta Stone works with many people on this difficult endeavor. Many other helps and techniques are just a click away. What is the best way; however, to learn a new language you might ask? You guessed it…complete saturation. If you were to move to the country of choice that spoke that particular language you also desire to learn, you would experience total emersion.

Likewise, your church possesses the responsibility of sharing the language and message of Christ with those in your towns and cities. Think about it. What would God do if your church decided to set aside a five week month every year to completely saturate your church and community with the gospel message? I want to offer seven ways that your church can accomplish a complete saturation of the gospel in your area:

Evangelistic Sermon Series

Pastor, I encourage you to prepare four evangelistic, expository sermons that will teach and train your people how to share their faith. In addition, by the nature of your sermons, you will provide them with the tools to study Scripture themselves, not only for evangelistic purposes but for all of the riches of the Word. Preach these sermons back to back for four Sundays in row. Be sure to clearly explain the gospel message in each sermon and provide a clear invitation at the close of your sermon, for the opportunity to respond publically.

Evangelistic Sunday School

Pastor, encourage your Sunday School teachers to impress upon each of the members of their classes to bring four people with them that month, one each Sunday. The Sunday School teacher needs to teach an evangelistic lesson each of these weeks, clearly explain the gospel, and give the class the opportunity to respond to the message.

Evangelistic Member Follow-up

Take out your church membership roll and go down the list calling each member who doesn’t attend. Explain to them the emphasis of the church and that you desire for them to come back, in order to utilize their gifts in reaching more people for Christ. If you know they are a trouble-maker, just skip down to the next one on the list.

Evangelistic Praying

Encourage your members to write down at least five people who are unbelievers and unchurched. As a church, commit your four Wednesday evenings to praying for their salvation. This is not a time for singing or prayer requests. Only pray for the salvation of these listed…nothing else on these Wednesdays.

Evangelistic Promotion

Promote the gospel and invite people to your church during this month through: mailing out postcards, TV, radio, billboards, tracts, posters, banners, door hangers, etc. Saturate your community with the gospel message and invitations to visit your church.

Evangelistic Visits

While your church promotes this month, encourage church members to share the gospel with every person they encounter when promoting. Go door-to-door. If possible, knock on every door in your community. If you live in a big city, mark off a 2 mile or so radius around your church or whatever is realistic and cover that area. The purpose in going door-to-door isn’t just to invite them to come to church during that month but to verbally share the gospel with them. Give each person a gospel tract and information about your church.

Evangelistic Event

On the fifth Sunday, kick your week off by holding a five day evangelistic event. Invite an evangelist to come and then you personally encourage your church all four weeks to attend every service of the event. You will be amazed at what God does for you, your families, church, and community.

This could go without mentioning but this does not mean that you forget about evangelism the other eleven months of the year. No, don’t do that. I just encourage you to set aside one month and one week each year for a SPECIAL evangelistic emphasis in your church. Furthermore, yes, follow-up and discipleship is extremely important but that will come in a later blog. The evangelist you bring in will have a plan for follow-up as well. Let’s do it!

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