Adoption in Guatemala

A middle-aged, Guatemalan woman walks slowly down her rickety stairs to gain closer access to the unfamiliar voices standing in her living room. When she lays eyes on the individuals in her house, she begins to cry. The lady noticed two strangers talking to her husband about Jesus. As the missionaries shared Christ with her husband, this lady repeated the same phrase over and over again in Spanish. The two missionaries asked their translator what the woman was saying. They were astonished when the translator responded, “She is saying that you two are angels. Two angels are in my house.” Unknown to the missionaries, this lady had prayed many years for her husband and four boys. During this conversation, the husband trusted in Christ and a few weeks later, they began a Bible study in their home and opened it up to others to join them within their village.

The summer of 2004, I traveled to Guatemala for the first time to work with IMB missionaries, Johnny & Linda Porter. On my return trip in the fall of 2004, I was one of the missionaries mentioned in the story above. It was not until February 2007 that I made it back to Guatemala with our first team, as a ministry. This past February, we took another team there. As some of you know, I recently returned from Guatemala once more. As you can imagine, we have a passion for what the Lord is doing in Guatemala. Thus, our ministry will adopt a village there and begin a long-term partnership during 2013 and beyond. We have four primary criteria for this particular village:

  1. (1)   No more than an hour from Guatemala City (Logistical Purposes)
  2. (2)   Underdeveloped Area (Meeting Needs)
  3. (3)   Limited or No Evangelical Presence (Vision to Plant a Church)
  4. (4)   Population Under 1500 (Logistical Purposes)

On our recent trip, we spent many hours researching different villages by praying and talking to the natives in those villages, asking them about their spiritual and physical needs. We also met with three different managers of hotels looking for the right place to keep our future teams. In addition, we searched for appropriate food for our team members to eat while in Guatemala. Due to health reasons, we always test the food before allowing our team members to eat it. (Of course, there are no guarantees. LOL) Furthermore, we discussed our vision with a few different possible translators. Our desire is to work with the same translators, drivers, hotel, restaurants, and village during this partnership.

It is important for me to share with you, at this point, about Johnny & Linda Porter. They lived in Guatemala for three years while working for the International Mission Board. After coming home from the field, they joined our ministry to help in our overseas mission endeavors. Johnny & Linda work to ensure all the logistic efforts are established for at least two trips per year. They are a wonderful help to me and our ministry. Due to the other events, trips, and duties of this ministry, it would be difficult to provide as many trips as we are without their help.

We told you about Oscar in our latest newsletter. Oscar worked with us each day of this trip. He will actually travel to the village we adopt once a week after we begin the partnership. He will check on their welfare, disciple new believers, teach, and provide a weekly report to us concerning the progress of the village. Oscar is a dear friend and he loves the Lord. He is a gifted individual. Please pray for him as he leads this village. Also, please pray that the Lord will lay the exact location that we should adopt on our hearts. We have narrowed down some villages and now we are praying through the options.

Our purpose, and/or vision, for this adoption process is to plant a church in a village that desperately needs the Lord. We will attempt to provide a well-balanced approach to evangelism, discipleship, meeting needs, and church planting. After speaking with natives and praying through this process for some time now, the following will consist of some of the primary tasks that our teams will be doing while in Guatemala throughout 2013:

  1. (1)   Prayer Walking/Praying with and for individual people of the village
  2. (2)   Share with the residents of the village what we are doing there
  3. (3)   Help the natives in their daily chores and activities while sharing different parables with them
  4. (4)   Show a video such as the Jesus Film or a Sherwood Picture
  5. (5)   Provide activities for the village during the day
  6. (6)   Share the gospel during the activities mentioned above
  7. We will be traveling back to Guatemala, October 15-19, to finalize all the details. Our trips will begin in 2013 and the dates for each of these are as follows:

      February 2-9
      February 9-16
      June 1-8
      October 12-19

    Individuals will be able to sign up for these trips on our website, beginning in July. All the information concerning each trip will also be posted on our website in July. We will take between 10-15 individuals on each trip. We will take 40-60 people altogether next year to Guatemala to help our village that we adopt find a relationship with Jesus Christ. Pray that lives will be changed and that many will come to know Christ and that the Lord will use us in the process. If you are interested in being part of this mission emphasizes by joining us on a trip next year, please get in touch with us soon.

    “Then I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?” Then I said, Here am I. Send me!” – Isaiah 6:8

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