5 Reasons NOT to Invite an Evangelist to Your Church

The term evangelist, unfortunately, erupts negative connotations or stereotypes when a discussion forms in some circles. This pejorative perspective surfaces from both warranted and unwarranted criticisms surrounding the gift of the evangelist. Evangelists, including myself, must correct certain behaviors and attitudes if we desire to serve and benefit pastors, staff, and churches. These attempts, by many evangelists, prove that we see the error and are seeking to improve and correct the issues at hand.

This blog will focus on the unwarranted criticisms. Evangelists possess no control over the theological slant and persuasion of others against their callings and ministries. On the other hand, we can strive to serve local churches and pastors with passion, integrity, character, and godliness.  There are several evangelists out there that are doing just that. In addition, we can communicate, both verbally and through social media, to offer a remedy to the effectiveness and worth of the gift of the evangelist today.

The following will concentrate on five reasons why pastors and churches should NOT utilize the evangelist. My hope is that through this simple approach the Lord will reveal greater clarity to our minds as it pertains to the evangelist today and in the future.

Reason #5 – If you, your staff, and church DO NOT want to be encouraged, DO NOT invite an evangelist to your church.

A biblical evangelist will enter your town with the heart of a servant. We desire to serve you, your staff, and church, by sharing the gifts and talents that the Lord has given us. If an evangelist shows up at your church with an arrogant attitude or pompous spirit, he fails to correctly serve as a biblical evangelist.

A major priority of an evangelist centers on encouragement. We need to pray for you as pastor, your staff, and church. We possess a duty to uplift and reinforce the positive aspects of your church and ministry. When we witness areas on which to improve, we should respond by a positive manner to rectify the situation. Our presence at your church should not leave you feeling beat up and discouraged but hopeful and challenged for greater movements of God.

Reason #4 – If you DO NOT want to prepare for the event or occasion, DO NOT invite an evangelist to your church.

A major component of bringing an evangelist into your services will be to adequately prepare. If prayer, fasting, community saturation, and invitations never reach the community, the attendance will suffer. The more people present, the more who will hear and be changed by the gospel message.

If you invite an evangelist to your church, do everything humanly possible to bring every person in your town or city to each service, then leave everything else up to God. The number one reason most people come to church is that they were asked! Invite, Invite, Invite! Bring, Bring, Bring!

Reason #3 – If you DO NOT want a week set aside each year for a special spiritual concentrated effort of renewal and a concentrated effort to win people to Jesus, DO NOT invite an evangelist to your church.

You may say, “Well, I want every day to be just that. Why just a week during the year?” You don’t fast every day of the year do you? If you lead your church every year to set aside one week, where the church, as a whole, will rally around this effort for personal revival and reach out to share Christ with everyone in your town or city, greater blessings from heaven will occur. Lives will be changed!

This will also allow you, your family, staff, and church to hear from a fresh voice that God has called for this specific reason. Utilizing an evangelist will enhance and benefit not only the church’s spiritual health but your spiritual health, as the pastor, as well. What church wouldn’t want this? Set aside at least one week each year and invite a God-called and gifted vocational evangelist to your church.

Reason #2 – If you DO NOT want help, and a fresh insight, in disciple-making and follow-up, DO NOT invite an evangelist to your church.

Ephesians 4 clearly articulates the evangelist’s responsibility in discipleship. If an evangelist arrives at your church and does not cherish church-wide discipleship and one-on-one discipleship, that’s a problem. A biblical evangelist can discuss with you and suggest different ways to improve or change the discipleship process in your church.

One of the greatest joys of an evangelist’s ministry is not only to hear of a person coming to know Christ but to receive a call from that person or a pastor about him/her growing in their faith and serving. That’s what it is all about. Our ministry motto is, “Our desire is to witness as many people as possible come to know Jesus Christ and get plugged into a local church, in order to begin their life-long process of discipleship.” Evangelism and discipleship are not enemies…they’re BLOOD!

Now, we come to the #1 Reason NOT to invite an evangelist to your church:

Reason #1 – If you DO NOT want to utilize a significant gift that God has given to your church, DO NOT invite an evangelist.

This will be a bold statement but true statement. If God gave evangelists to the church, the church who neglects to utilize this gift will never be as effective as the Lord intended that church to be! Regardless of the size or ministry of a church, the church that refuses to bring in an evangelist will not see their fullest potential in the Kingdom.

It is understandable to have questions or even possess a spirit of reluctance about bringing in someone you do not know, or a calling you are not completely on board with, to your church. Here is my encouragement to you if this blog represents your feelings toward evangelists:

(1)   Get to know an evangelist.

(2)   Realize that some evangelists have failed miserably but guess what, so have many pastors. When Katie and I were looking for a church to serve in, we found a good one because we were looking for a good one. Look for a good one and you will find one.

(3)   Invite an evangelist to your church and prepare like you have never done before and watch God move upon your people.

4 Responses

  1. Jon Moody says:

    Great article Eric, very encouraging to understand how God has been using and still desires to use the evangelist in our churches today. May the role and ministry of the evangelist help grow and encourage our local congregations as in the beginning…and as God designed it.

  2. Eric Fuller says:

    Thanks! God designed it..we should defend it!

  3. Pastor Travis Modesitt says:

    So very well said! I see so many people saying they want to be full of the spirit but lack the desire to let go of how they might look in front of others AKA their ego and let God work in amazing ways! If you want to see someone who is not afraid to let go and let God show His amazing power then invite the evangelist Eric Fuller and you can’t help but to follow what the Lord is doing! If you like living a mundane spiritual life then don’t invite Brother Eric! His friendship and service to God has changed my life and will change yours too!

  4. Eric Fuller says:

    Thank you, Pastor Travis. You are such a blessing and I really appreciate your kind words and for reading out blog. You are doing a wonderful job there in KS!

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