Leading Others to Tell

One of the most common comments I receive from pastors, is, “I can’t seem to get my people excited about evangelism.” If you are reading this blog and pastoring a church, more than likely, you probably feel the same way.

First of all, it is important to remember that Satan enjoys working where he creates the greatest amount of distraction from the Kingdom. Since God’s plan for evangelism is His people, guess where Satan loves to work. No wonder evangelism training Saturdays see the least amount of attendees. No wonder many believers have more excuses than D.C. had during the Benghazi controversy when it comes to evangelism.

Some pastors feel that their entire church must be involved with evangelism or they have failed. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you are experiencing difficulty in this area in your church, here are four simple and practical steps you can take to begin leading others to tell the greatest story ever told:

You Tell

If you are going to have an effective evangelism ministry, or preferably an evangelism lifestyle that is the DNA that runs through the lifeblood or your church, you, as the pastor, must actively share your faith with others.

Each Sunday, whether in a Bible study or during your sermon, share one of your witnessing encounters. Share about those who come to Christ and share about times where you just messed up. Be real. You are not going to lead 100 people to Christ every week nor will you have things go perfectly every time during your presentation. Be honest and transparent.

Start Small

Regardless of the size of church you pastor, watch for that one person who displays interest in sharing the gospel. If you do not have any one like that, begin praying that God will send you someone. You don’t have to have 100 people at an evangelism training to be effective in leading others. Start with just one person if you have to.


Once you determine someone in your church that also shares a desire to share the gospel, take them with you. Go out to eat, go to the mall, and just do life together. While you are “doing” life, share the gospel with people you come in contact with, in front of this other person. Afterwards, talk about the encounter. This will build excitement.

Sunday School Classes/ Bible Study

Have at least one time a week, through one of your small group classes, that is an open group where those who do not know Christ can come. Encourage, train, and equip your teachers to share the gospel every week during class and for each member of the class to invite and bring others with them every single week who do not know Jesus.

Much more can and needs to be said. If you, however, have been struggling and need a boost, here you go. Start with these simple steps and trust God to develop a strong, evangelistic presence in your church! Go do it!

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