“The ministry of evangelist Eric Fuller is a ministry anointed by God. Eric is a man of deep integrity with a great heart for souls and for the local church. While Eric is a wonderfully effective evangelistic preacher, he also has a passion to equip believers for the work of ministry in their church and community. Our church has been blessed by his ministry.”

– Dr. Michael Dean, Senior Pastor, Travis Avenue Baptist Church, Fort Worth, TX


“It is a privilege and an honor to recommend my friend Eric Fuller to your church. Eric is an evangelist that you can trust and count on to present the gospel. He will not manipulate the invitation or confuse anyone while giving an invitation. He is there to help the church and not promote his own agenda. Eric is anointed and the real deal. Your people will love him and you will gain a new friend by the time the revival is over!”

– Dr. Ronnie Hill, Evangelist, Haslet, TX


“Pastors are always looking for Evangelists to use that are gifted as harvesters, let me commend the Christ-honoring life and ministry of Eric Fuller.” The apparent hand of God abides on this brother, use him.”

– Dr. Johnny Hunt, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church, Woodstock, GA


“Integrity, sincerity, effectiveness in the pulpit, people-oriented, conscientious father, loving husband, academically-trained, studious, a pastor’s friend, trustworthy, servant-spirit, teachable, humble…..This, and much more, describes evangelist Eric Fuller.  It is a challenging day to be an evangelist and only the call of God would compel any young man to pursue such a ministry.  Indeed, the Hand of God has rested upon him, the Spirit of God has anointed him, and the people of God have affirmed him in this specialized ministry.  His spirit is refreshingly humble and unassuming.  He is an Ephesians four gift to the church whose ministry needs to be utilized.  The only regret you’ll have is that you did not call him sooner.”

– Dr. Steve Hale, Evangelist, Woodstock, GA


“In a day when evangelists are fast disappearing from the religious scene, Eric Fuller is a fresh breath of air. He is intellectually prepared and has a passionate desire to see lost souls saved and the churches strengthened. I hope our churches will use him.”

– Junior Hill, Evangelist and Former SBC Vice President, Hartselle, AL


“Are you looking for a way to bless you congregation and to rejuvenate your parishioners as well as yourself? When Eric and I were connected, my prayers were answered and God sent me a man that has his heart and mind set on heavenly things and taught me so much about how to live out what God expects out of me and our church by setting an example. I know what the bible says, but sometimes you need an eye opener, and Eric has been mine. He not only came to share the gospel in an amazing way but was here to support me and my family in many spiritual ways by listening, praying, and encouraging us just to name a few. If you are looking for a speaker to fill in and that is all then look for someone else, but if you want someone who will leave a lasting spiritual impression on you, your family, and your congregation then by all means don’t hesitate to call on Brother Eric and get ready for the change and blessing you have been praying for.”

– Travis Modesitt, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church, Mound Valley, KS


“We truly enjoyed having Eric come speak at our church. We have had him as the main speaker to 2 of our Disciple-Now weekends. Eric did a great job not only speaking, but also getting to know the kids and was a great encourager to me. He is very easy to work with and I would highly recommend him to another ministry leader.”

– Chris Strube, Student Pastor, First Baptist Church, Troy, AL


“Eric Fuller did an amazing job sharing the Gospel with our teenagers and calling them to a response! The students were enthralled with his presentation and we have seen the lives of students transformed. I’m thankful to Eric for the faithfulness of his ministry, the quality of his preaching, his devotion to the Gospel and God’s word, and the care he has shown for seeing the lost become found. I would encourage any youth pastor to have him come and share with your students!”

– Sam Dallas, Minister to Students and Minister of Apologetics, Reece Prairie Baptist Church, Burleson, TX


“Eric preaches the Word with boldness, shares his faith confidently, and lives his life with integrity.  Over the years I have personally witnessed the authenticity of Eric’s calling as an Evangelist.  If you aim to revitalize or refocus your congregation, a revival service with Eric Fuller will put you on the right track.  He comes with a vigor and excitement for the Lord that quickly spreads to the congregation.  I will continue to utilize Eric as an Evangelist and highly recommend you do the same.”

– Steven Ball, Senior Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church, Childress, TX


“After witnessing Eric’s ministry in the context of a DNOW and Churchwide Revival, I have found him to be a hot-hearted, gospel preacher. His passion for renewing the local church’s focus on the Great Commission permeates all he does. His humble demeanor and expositional approach allow him to unleash the Word of God plainly, rather than manufacturing results through gimmicks or manipulation. As a result of his ministry, your church will be refreshed, retooled, and reenergized for the sake of the Kingdom.”

– James Pritchard, Senior Pastor, Robinwood Baptist Church, Seagoville, TX


“I have watched Eric Fuller closely for years now, and his integrity, walk, and strategy have convinced me he is our leading young Southern Baptist evangelist. Eric will encourage the pastor, staff, and church that uses him. He will preach Scripture and conform his message to the text. With integrity, he will invite hearers to respond to the gospel. He has local communities and the world on his heart. Eric Fuller is the future of Southern Baptist evangelism.”

– Dr. David Mills, Senior Pastor, Beech Haven Baptist Church, Athens, GA